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The Claire Trilogy Book Series

The character Bobbi Angelini is based upon my dear friend Bobbi Allison. When Bobbi first moved to Colorado for a short period, we had lunch. I had just adopted Claire the Mule. I had not written any of The Claire Trilogy at that point. One of the first things Bobbi said to me was, “You have a mule and she is going to change your life.” I responded, “she already has. She’s made me a better human.” Bobbi said, “No, she’s going to change your life in a really big way!”

When I sat down to write The Wise Ass, I knew I was going to create a character that was a powerful psychic medium, who was a descendant of powerful Italian Witches. Bobbi became the character through whom all of the other paranormal and extraterrestrial characters first communicated. She opened up the psychic lines of communication among all of the other characters. She helped them bond and become the magical, mystical crew that carried the story through An Alien Appeal and finally Kissing My Ass Goodbye. Bobbi Angelini is one of the most popular characters in The Claire Trilogy.
— Tom McCaffrey

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Beyond Logic Podcast

Unlike many others in her field, Bobbi can relay messages from master guides through automatic writing. She is also a remote viewer, enabling her soul to be transported to locations of missing items and people. Bobbi has helped hundreds around the globe, including law enforcement and private investigators. She’s been featured on radio and television, in hopes of spreading her love and shining her light on as many people possible.

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Featured on Whose Wedding Is It Anyway

Bobbi was featured on In Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” on Episode “Witchy Wedding” seen on Netflix.

Featured in Milieu Magazine

Bobbi offers readers spiritual guidance to help them see universal truths and to find their own spiritual connection and the light within themselves.

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Featured on the Radio

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