Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intuitive or psychic?

Intuition and Intuitive have the same meaning as psychic and medium. Intuition, is something we all have and should be held in the highest regard. It is our sixth sense that tells us when something is not right.

What Happens in a Reading with Bobbi Allison?

You will be able to connect to your Angels, Guides or Loved Ones that have crossed to the Other Side. Since they are in pure spirit form, they know every aspect of your life from health and career matters to love and relationships.

You can ask as many questions as you wish. Bobbi will communicate to your higher self, loved ones and/or Angels to hear the answers to your questions.

You can expect to feel both relaxed and excited by your reading with Bobbi, for you are participating in a unique experience!

What makes Bobbi different from other psychic mediums?

The same thing that makes any other professional different.…experience and expertise.

What is the difference between a psychic/intuitive and a psychic/intuitive medium?

Everyone is born with psychic or intuitive abilities like a sixth sense, or ability to see beyond the obvious. Bobbi has the natural talent of communicating with the spiritual realm.

Channeling is the act of listening to the other side and communicating the perceived messages back here. Bobbi has the ability to channel on demand.

What is Mediumship?

A medium is a person who is able to connect to the vibrations of loved ones that have passed away, Spirit Guides, Angels and The Ascended Masters. Everyone is capable of “connecting” to the vibrations of spirit. There are many ways that the medium receives messages: either by hearing (clairaudience), seeing (clairvoyance) or feeling (clairessence).

Symbols are the language of the universe. Most of the time, Spirit will show a symbol to the medium in order to deliver the message.

I really do not have any special family member that has died. Can you still do a reading for me?

Bobbi has the ability to see energy around a person and what direction it is moving and can assist with life direction.

How can you do a reading for me via telephone?

Every voice has a unique pattern and vibration, much like a fingerprint. When Bobbi connects to a person’s energy for the purpose of doing a reading, She is connecting into their voice fingerprint. No one will have the same pattern. This is how she can read over the phone. If Bobbi can hear your voice, then she can read for you.